Those Moments

I would like to say

That there have been moments,

Brief and fleeting moments,

In which I felt

Shall I say confused

About what life means…

But I can’t say

That there were only moments.

Unless I say

That there have been moments

Where I have felt certain.

There were times when

Without Doubt

I felt purpose and meaning

In the drudgery of life.

When I knew.

What’s funny still

Is that I can’t even say

What it is

That I knew

In those moments.

And then I wonder

If that isn’t more the point

Than we’ve all been figuring.


Just maybe

In a small way

Wanting to know

Is more important

Than knowing anything.


Maybe the more we know

About all this stuff

That we feel we have to know about stuff

Is actually the stuff

We should be looking past.

It would be nice

If maybe this confusion

Was worth a little more

Than I think it is.